Smudge Fans & Talking Sticks

All of our smudge fans and talking sticks are one of a kind.  Each one is hand crafted through allowing the Divine to guide the process of each one made for a specific individual on the planet.  Perhaps one of them are yours?

Books, DVDs, & CDs

We carry DNA ThetaHealing DVDs & Books:  Basic, Advanced, Diseases & Disorders, and Rhythm.  We carry Hummingbird Thunder's:  Sounds of the 7th Plane CD too.  New releases coming early in the year for Stacy's Soul Messages too.

Crystals & Stones

Not only are our crystals and stones fun, healing, and bring joy, but they also are a huge crowd pleaser and assist us for some healing sessions.  We'll teach you how to use them or assist you in further growth of using them more often.

Young Living Products

As a Young Living Distributor we a dedicated to sharing these products which serve a global wellness community.  The products include:  essential oils & blends, health & beauty, home care, and balance products.

Our Products

Energetic Jewelry & Clothing

Here at Love's intelligence, we feel that the best jewelry and clothing help accentuate your  frequency radiance.  We make custom jewelry and have limited collection clothing pieces as well.

Tuning Forks

We’re well aware of the benefits of using sound therapy when healing the body.  We can show you how to incorporate these tools in strengthening and healing the body's auric field, energetic bodies, and physical well-being. 

Artwork, Calendars, & Stationary

Divinely guided artwork, inspirational calendars, notepads, stationary and cards available.

Sacred Smokes & Resins

Our sacred smokes and resins are brought in from the best places on the planet!  Learn to use these scared tools of healing and how to use them in spiritual growth and advancement.